Breast Lift Nipple Cover + Double Sided Body Tape Silicone Reusable Pasties Lingerie Fashion Adhesive for Body Clothing.

Price: $14.95
(as of Apr 28,2019 05:39:27 UTC – Details)

Be sure your look maximum attractive in every situation with this amazing Silicone Breast Lift Nipple Covers + Double Sided Fashion Tape. Place your order now and we’ll deliver your package fast & free right to your door!

Now you can be calm – your nipples are invisible, breasts are lifted and perky while going bra-less!
Breast lift pasties is a perfect decision for women who have saggy breasts after weight loss or giving birth / breastfeeding.

Stay discrete when using deep-plunge or open-sided dresses, bathing suits, t-shirts, tank-tops, sports bras, and so on.
Provide total nipple coverage while smoothing, lifting and supporting your breasts for fuller cleavage.

As a bonus to nipple covers, you get 1 piece of Fashion tape. What’s that?

Double sided flash tape is the perfect product for your fashion needs.
Just say no to gapping blouses, drooping hems, shifty shoulder pads and flyaway belts. Say a confident yes to looking your very best and staying fearless at the office, weddings, proms, pageants or rocking your everyday life thanks to boob tape.
Tape is formulated stay strong when it needs to, but is gentle on skin and fabric and comes off clean at the end of the day. The tape is much easier to use than fabric damaging safety pins.


Do not use irritating soap, just simply hand wash the silicone pasties with warm water and mild soap
Do not expose it to sun, naturally air dry
Keep out of reach of children
Do not wear more than 8 hours especially those who has sensitive skin for each application
Nipple covers aren’t suitable for lactating mothers

Wear the clothes you like and don’t worry about your attractiveness while using these awesome Silicone Breast Lift Nipple Covers + Double Sided Fashion Tape, available now on Amazon. Order now and get free shipping for Prime members! ✨2 IN ONE FOR YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY. Buying a pair of silicone breast lift nipple covers you also receive 1 double sided adhesive fashion tape, that’ll help you wear clothes that were uncomfortable before
✨FITS MOST CUP SIZES. Our adhesive pasties with lifting tape for women are so invisible and flexible that they adjust to curves of your breast. These women’s reusable sticky pasties are more effective than bra petals, backless bra or wonderbra.
✨THIN, SOFT & WATERPROOF. No matter what weather is outside, you’re sure nobody will notice you’re wearing nipplecovers. You can wear these under bikini or a swimsuit as well.
✨FOR EVERYDAY USE. The lifting nipple covers will enhance your cleavage in revealing backless strapless dresses, t-shirts, low cut or sheer tops, wedding gowns, sports bras & swimsuits and will stay firmly in place all day long.
✨MORE EFFECTIVE TOGETHER. Wear adhesive silicone breast lift pasties under low cut clothing and use the lingerie tape to close the gaps and give you a hollywood look.

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